Ngaio Toy Library

Over a thousand toys available to your pre-schoolers - all for the cost of one toy!

Our Toys


Ngaio Toy Library offers an extensive range of toys - in fact over 1,200 toys!  Just some of the categories include:  

  • DVDs, videos and CDs
  • Puzzles and games
  • Dolls, prams and doll-houses
  • Blocks
  • Baby items - exersaucers etc
  • Ride-ons, scooters and bikes
  • Slides and mini-tramps
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports sets
  • Costumes - click to see list
  • and much more


Some of the toys available for hire can be checked out in the photo gallery or more recently, on our Facebook page. We are adding to the photo gallery as new toys are bought and photographs of existing toys are taken. If you borrow toys and take photographs of them in use that you wouldn't mind published on our website (no names will be published) please email

Our policy is to purchase quality toys, replacing those that need updating as and when required.  We always like to hear from members for suggestions for new toys.